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Children Initiatives

Active Growing and Intelligent People

AGIP is a child development Initiative aimed at integrating non-cognitive development areas into school learning.

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Daniel's Bible Club

DBC is a home-based weekend children bible club featuring child-led, child centered activities to instill biblical habits and lifestyle from the early years.

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Youth Programs

Youth Development Academy

The Youth Development Academy YDA is an intensive two weeks summer Life Skills coaching that is executed every year to registered community teenagers.

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Youth Development Club

The Youth Development Club is a weekly capacity building forum where student members are educated and taught on the four basic aspects of youth development.

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Youth Development Bootcamp

The Youth Development Boot Camp is the annual coaching program of Young Breeds as an aftermath of the Youth Development Conference of the preceding year.

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Youth Development Congress

The Youth Development Congress is a life skills outreach to youths in tertiary institution.

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Youth Development Conference

Youth Development Conference is the annual gathering, where youths are instilled on a particular pre-selected theme giving a new value system for HOLISTIC development.

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Teachers Development Program

It is a work performance training for teachers across various cadres in the education sector.

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LIFESEED is Life Skills Education & Empowerment Day. It is a one-off life skills teaching session at a pre-selected secondary school to reach out in raising more purposeful & holistic youths.

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Parent-Educators’ Forum (PEF)

The Parent-Educators’Forum is an avenue to equip persons who work directly or indirectly with young people with tools for increased effectiveness.

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