Our Unique ‘SPECS’ For

Raising Young People

We exist to see a world where young people live full and fulfilled, spirit, soul & body.


Across the world, young people attempt to meet their needs and build competencies as they grow from childhood to adulthood: the needs for safety & structure, belonging & relationships, self-worth, independence, competence, and self-awareness.  The challenges of meeting these enormous needs holistically have resulted in a widening life skills gap in the developmental process of young people. 


Since 2013, Young Breeds has been providing value-based education, support and opportunities to bridge the life skills gap among young people as they grow unto adulthood so they can find identity, become productive and purposeful and as a result, make informed decisions in various areas of life. 


A faith-based youth-focused organization promoting children and youth development


To raise a crop of young people who are well-bred and holistically developed


To instil age-appropriate values, life skills, and holistic education that prepares young people to be spiritually, physically, emotionally, cognitively, and socially competent in safe spaces and learning environments for a successful transition to adulthood.





"Education that helps young people develop LIFE SKILLS has transformative potential and life skill-based education enables individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.” – UNICEF

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“By education, I mean an all-round drawing of the best in child and man in body, mind and spirit.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

‟Everything that has happened in YDC for the past few months has proved that holistic development is the best development process for every child. All the sessions
we have had covered all life phases of a human, and it is really interesting. YDC has offered me holistic development!‟

Victor O.

Victor O.

Alumnus, Youth Development Club (YDC)

“YDA has exposed me to many life skills which I think someone of age 50 may not even know. I want to say a big thank you to the Young Breeds for the great impact they have exerted on me, especially on social communication and computer skills.”

Akintola Abdullahi

Akintola A.

Alumnus, Youth Development Academy (YDA)

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Our breeding process embraces a developmental approach based on a holistic understanding of young people: the grooming and development of the spirit, soul and body. As a result, our programs and initiatives are targeted at raising young people in the following domains of development: spiritual, physical, emotional, cognitive and social (SPECS) development. This is our unique ‘SPECS’ for raising young people.

children development

Children Development Club

Formerly called Daniels Bible Club, CDC is a 3-month weekend children club featuring children centered activities, case studies, crafts, questions & answers, prayer time, word games, movie learning, reading and studies.  

children development

Children Reach Out

Children Reach Out is an annual program where children are given the platform to express social skills and values such as empathy, so as to take personal responsibility for impacting their world. They do this by visiting children in need so as to share  the love of Christ to them 

children development

Active, Growing & Intelligent People

Active Growing & Intelligent People, AGIP is our outreach children development initiative to primary schools aimed at integrating non-cognitive development areas into school learning for the holistic development of children.

Youth development

Youth Development Club

The Youth Development Club, YDC is an in-school life skills training and mentoring program that runs per term for teenagers in junior and senior secondary schools where members are trained using our life skills curriculum.

Youth development

Light Up

Light Up is our flagship spiritual incubation program that equips young people as God-lovers and young kingdom leaders who are shaped and groomed by the Word of God and its practical application in their everyday life.

Youth development

Youth Development Boot camp

The Youth Development Boot Camp is our weekend young adult’s life skills immersion program. For eight (8) weekends, fellows go through intensive life skills training in preselected life skills using a unique blend of group coaching and training.

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“Our contribution to transforming education is hinged in our asset-based approach and holistic framework that embraces the combined influence of formal, non-formal and informal education to groom a total being, one that is not deficient in any domain of life and yet, purposeful and visionary.

Abraham Owoseni, Founder & International President

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“Young Breeds gives a platform where you can get inspired and awakened spiritually, having an avenue to share and also to learn from others.”

Olaofe Oluwadamilola

Oluwadamilola O.

Alumnus, Youth Development Bootcamp

“Young Breeds is indeed a well-rounded platform that I have learnt, and I am still learning the most essential things that shape life and destiny”

Oguntade Babatunde

Babatunde O.

Alumnus, Youth Development Bootcamp