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I recommend Young Breeds training intervention for every young growing person and organization in Nigeria

Mustapha Taiwo
Mustapha Taiwo

Participant, Youth Development Bootcamp

Looking back on those times when value was being added to us, I never knew it would be so much instrumental in shaping me into the kind of young person I have grown to become. I want to say thank you for your work back then. Thank you for shaping and inspiring a lot of young lives. Thank you for giving back and adding value.

Adeyemi Taiwo
Adeyemi Taiwo

Alumna, Youth Development Club


About Kids Skill-up Program KSP

Since 2013, Young Breeds has been promoting children and youth development; providing life skills and value-based education to children, adolescents and young adults for a successful transition to adulthood.

Young Breeds with support from World Connect is organising a children development project called, Kids Skill-up Program (KSP) to hold for 8 weekends (Saturdays) beginning in October, 2021. The goal of KSP is to equip children with a blend of learning skills, life skills, and digital literacy skills so they can have a solid foundation for life.

Programme Date: Oct - Nov, 2021 (Saturdays)

Programme Venue: Children & Youth Development Centre (CYDC), Akinde Road, Alakuko, Lagos (Covid-19 safety guidelines will be strictly followed)

Would you be interested to enroll your child/ward? Do they meet the following eligibility criteria?

  1. Between ages 8-11 currently in Primary 5 or 6
  2. Resident within Akinde-Alakuko, Ajegunle-Toll-gate, and environs
  3. Eager to learn with parental consent and support.

Participation is free.

Kindly fill this form to express your interest as a parent/guardian for your child/ward. You can also nominate a child with parental consent.

Please share with other parents/guardians around the project location.

Only 30 slots are available. 

Final accepted participants will be contacted via email and SMS.

(Application closes Wednesday 29th September, 2021.)

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