To raise a crop of young people who are well-bred and holistically developed


To instil age-appropriate values, life skills, and holistic education that prepares young people to be spiritually, physically, emotionally, cognitively, and socially competent in safe spaces and learning environments for a successful transition to adulthood.

Our Core Values

In other to achieve our mission, we cherish and uphold the following values in high esteem in our breeding process and interventions. Our unique ‘SPICES’ for grooming young people

To raise an army of God-lovers and young kingdom leaders who are shaped and groomed by the Word of God and its practical application in their everyday life

To help learners see education as a lifelong journey of discovery and development with practical positive influence on their behaviour, skills and attitude.

To inspire young people to go through life with a sense of mission and calling, living purposefully and impacting their world

To create an atmosphere of teamwork & inclusiveness without prejudice and segregation to others.

To imbue an attitude of continuous improvement at every level and stage of life, growth and development.

To raise young people who think and live beyond self, contributing to societal, global and kingdom service.