The Mandate

In the cool evening of April 12, 2011 in a university dormitory in Nigeria, God spoke to the founder, Abraham Owoseni whilst praying after a 3-day fast:

"I am sending you to young people, instil in their hearts the fear of God; teach them my ways; bring them to my knowledge; establish my word in their lives; build youth development centres across the continents of the world."

These words were the foundation upon which Young Breeds was established as a global mission to the world of young people.


As Abraham continued brooding, searching, preparing and digging, the mandate became evident and clearer. By 2013, Abraham together with a team of high school graduates started a tour, visiting a number of secondary schools within the neighbourhood, teaching and grooming them on career and leadership development. By 2014, other schools within adjoining local government areas of Lagos and Ogun States, Nigeria had been reached. In 2015, Young Breeds became a registered entity to propagate her global mission.

The Name, ‘Young Breeds’

In our context, young refers to: babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, school-aged children, preteens, teens, and young adults.


  • To train someone to behave in a particular way or have certain qualities.
  • To take care of in infancy
  • To educate, to instruct; to bring up
  • To be developed; to raise

Plural noun:

All young people who have been developed by our breeding process and who share similar mindset, education and holistic characteristics.

Raising young people in the following domains of development: spiritual, physical, emotional, cognitive and social (SPECS) development. This is our unique ‘SPECS’ for raising young people; young people who are spiritually, physically, emotionally, cognitively and socially competent, relevant, who are able to make informed decisions in different areas of life as they grow to become responsible adults and are not deficient in any domain.

In our context, education means breeding, drawing out the best the best in every young person, spirit, soul and body.