8th Edition (Virtual) Saturday Nov. 28, 2020

Youth Development Conference 2020

annual gathering of Intentional & Visionary Youths

Saturday, Nov. 28, 2020 (Virtual)

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About Youth Development Conference

The Youth Development Conference (YDC) series is the annual gathering of all young people organised by Young Breeds, a faith-based youth-focused nonprofit where a topical area of youth development is addressed and mindsets are challenged and renewed by the word of God.

The goal of YDC is to aid the holistic development of young people by addressing faulty mindsets, thereby instilling a new value system and equipping young people with the skills and competencies required for everyday living.

About YDC 2020

There’s a teaming crop of endangered young people being swept by the whirlwind of distraction and pervasion.

As a result, many have lost the grip over major life areas.

This burden is the backbone of this year’s conference. The goal of YDC 2020 is to build an atmosphere of reconciliation with rich wisdom and supernatural insights to help young people remain firm, audacious, and empowered in a world of distraction and disruption.

The wicked are blown away by every stormy wind. But when a catastrophe comes, the lovers of God have a secure anchor.

Proverbs 10:25 TPT

Glossary || Audacious means, invulnerable to fear. It means audacious, bold! | Anchor means to fix firmly and stably | Fortified means to make stronger, to strengthen.

Plenary Speakers


Creative Director, Five 28 Interiors

Revd Tolu Agboola

Revd Tolu Agboola

Senior Pastor at His Worship Christian Network

Founder, Young Breeds | Principal Consultant, MindMould

Ade Owolabi -

Ade Owolabi

Convener, Marriage Literacy | Author, Living with a Difficult Spouse

Plenary Sessions

How to Remain Anchored in God and Keep the Inner Man Fortified

How to Remain Godly in an Ungodly World and Stay Safe and Sane

How to Fortify Your Career and Stand Firm Amidst Disruption

How to Fortify the Marital Union and Make the Home a Haven of God’s Presence

Conference Agenda





Richard Jeffery

1:00 – 1:03



Opening Remarks

1:04 – 1:09



Reflection: A Special Song Ministration

1:10 – 1:18



Plenary Session 1

The Fortified Lifestyle 25 mins

Funto Ibuoye

Creative Director, Five 28 Interiors

1:19 – 1:47



Q/A session 6 mins

1:48 – 1:54



Plenary session 2

The Fortified Career 25 mins

Abraham Owoseni

Convener & Founder, Young Breeds

Author, the Career Leader

1:55 –  2:23



Q/A session 6 mins

2:23 – 2:29





Resumption & Announcement

Chika Isaac

2:35 – 2:40



Plenary session 3

The Fortified Home 25 mins

Ade Owolabi

The Marriage Evangelist

Author, Living with a Difficult Spouse

2:40 – 3:08



Q/A session 6 mins

3:08 – 3:14



Reflection: A Special Drama Ministration

3:15 – 3:24



Plenary session 4

The Fortified Inner Man 25 mins

Revd Tolu Agboola

Senior Pastor, His Worship Christian Network

3:25– 3:53



Q/A session 6 mins

3:53 – 3:59



Announcement & Closing

4:00 – 4:05


Why Attend YDC 2020?

The experience I had today was amazing! I like the way the sessions touched every area of my life." — Oreoluwa Tobi

"Today was a great day in my life and one of the best conferences I have ever attended." — Adegeshin Ademola

"It was an eye opening one. It has helped me to come back to why I live. Thank you so much, I am very grateful." — Ezenwa Chidinma

This event is mind blowing, life impacting and was worth the time invested. Thumbs up and keep impacting lives as you continuously hearken to God’s call. - Bukunmi

It was a wonderful experience, life-changing. I heard a lot, I gained a lot of knowledge. Programmes like this are really good and mind-blowing. My perspective on life changed today. I am really happy that I came. - Oluwadamilola

I really bless God for this wonderful conference of Young Breeds, though this is my first time attending. Indeed, the conference really met my need, I mean all the sessions of the event. Thanks. God bless Young Breeds. Continue to scale new heights in Jesus Name - John

What More?


Expect divine insights, expect light that will raise hope and faith in your career, finance, relationship & spiritual well-being


As a result of the supernatural insights from YDC 2020, expect precision and divine direction; divine orchestrations


The is the unique edge of YDC, the supernatural empowerment that engraces you into the new year.

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