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About Youth Development Club

Frequency: Quarterly

life skills training and mentoring program for teenagers

The Youth Development Club, YDC is an in-school life skills training and mentoring program that runs per term for teenagers in junior and senior secondary schools. It runs weekly as an extracurricular activity for host schools where members are trained using our life skills curriculum.

Similarly, student members have access to personal development books and resources in the Youth Development Centres during their membership. Members are certified as YDC Ambassadors upon completion of the program.

The Mileage & Impact

Using a blend of creative teaching & facilitation, case studies, tours, multimedia, recommended reading list, projects and assignments, student members have acquired life-applicable values that have guided them into making informed decisions in their academics, future career and daily lifestyle. The Youth Development Club, YDC has been a major springboard for post-secondary education.

Since commencement in 2015, the YDC has impacted over 310 teenagers till date across the Youth Development Centres in Lagos and Ogun State, Nigeria.

Everything that has happened in YDC for the past few months has proved that holistic development is the best development process for every child. All the sessions we have had covered all life phases of a human, and it is really interesting. YDC has offered me holistic development!

Victor O.
Okechukwu Victor

Alumnus, Youth Development Club

As a result of the teachings in the club, my living attitude has improved. I was a person who had a care-free attitude. I realised it was a negative character trait in one of the sessions where we were asked to drop a negative character trait and choose a character trait that we would love to portray. Being a member of the club has also made me unique among my colleagues in school because I add value to those who are not part of the club.

Osunde Prosper

Alumnus, Youth Development Club

Youth Development Club is a platform of raising purposeful and holistic youths and I am one of the youths raised by YDC. YDC has changed my life, all rounds. I am very proud to be am ambassador of YDC and I promise to influence others positively wherever I am and I pray that the founder, Mr. Abraham will grow in wisdom

Azeez Ayomide

Alumnus, Youth Development Club

My encounter at the Youth Development Club turned me to somebody who is totally conscious about what I can give to the society than what I can receive, and this aspect has been one of the very important life-transforming experiences as an individual

Enilolobo, Oluwafemi
Enilolobo, Oluwafemi

Alumnus, Youth Development Club

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